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Zeal Studio will enjoy unrivalled financial
repute in the industry.

Experienced leadership team will have firsthand knowledge of the field.

Zeal will have one-window production solutions with all other ancillary support.

ZEAL’s vast talent pool

Zeal Studio’s will have the finest team in the country to work with. Zeal Studio believes that the collaborative efforts of its entire team will bear fruit.

Furthermore, we will form professional work relations and alliances throughout the industry.


Contemporary Cinema

Zeal Studio will focus its productions on contemporary
culture that is closer to district.

Zeal Studio will produce contents on issues that the masses
face in their daily lives.

All productions will be made with a special emphasis on the
message for society that will lead to overall benefit and change.

Technical Excellence

Zeal Studio will have in-house state-of-the-art facilities so that our team can benefit from the latest technology at par with the rest of the world.

This full service in-house production facility will
include fully integrated SD and HD equipment
for cameras and its peripherals, NLE bays and
a fully digital sound studio