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ZEAL is a truly independent and progressive media enterprise.

ZEAL News is providing the audience with current happenings from around the world.

ZEAL News is committed to providing authentic & accurate news.

Torchbearer of Journalism

ZEAL respects media rules and will strictly
follow its regulations.

Accurate and Unbiased

ZEAL will deliver news that is most
accurate, reliable, timely and
free from all biases.

Voice of Voiceless

ZEAL has no sympathy for any individual,
party, group, or political party that does
not support humanity.

Torchbearer of Journalism

A torchbearer of media ethics, ZEAL strictly abiding by the Code of Conduct for Media Houses as laid down by authorities and will ensure it takes special care to bring out the human side of every story and respect human dignity, no matter how unfavorable the circumstances.