Chitral's First Complete Media Group

  • Only those entries which are related to the topic given above and will pass our reporters’ test will be included. Zeal Media Group is free to select, reject or take an editorial call on an entry and the sole rights are reserved with the company.
  • Entries with social interest and those informing about people being helped will only be given entry
  • No fees will be charged for submitting an entry, and the channel will not be liable to make payments for the same
  • Those who become the part of this programme on our channel based on their entries will neither be recognized as our mobile journalist nor as our employees. They will just be the participants of this show.
  • Applicants are required to furnish correct information sought for the programme. The applicants can be asked to furnish additional details or produce documents in support of the information given. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of the entry.
  • The channel will not be held liable for in case of incomplete/partial information or if it is lost or received in bad quality due to technical glitches.
  • The channel will not be held liable if your entry is not selected, or in case of perceptible of imperceptible damage caused due to discontent.
  • The channel holds full rights to alter the information given in an entry as per its requirements. Any entry can be rejected at any stage, and the channel is not liable to inform in such a scenario.
  • The information, any story, choice or biography furnished by participants can be used for editorial or promotional reasons.
  • The channel will not be held liable for any mishap caused due to things which are out of its control.
  • All the legal disputes will be settled in courts situated in Chitral if raised.
  • It is understood that candidates who are submitting their entries have agreed to the terms and conditions.