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About ZEAL

About ZEAL

ZEAL is a complete media group consisting of platforms that are important and relevant to our audience and culture, including Television (News & Entertainment), Digital Media (Web, Social Media & Media Apps), Print Media (Newspaper and Magazines), Theatre, Films and Radio. With a clear vision and dedicated team, social development is a clear objective of ZEAL. ZEAL is all set to bring a revolution in Chitral’s media industry.

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At ZEAL, we work to be the First Complete Media Group with more than 90% of the revenues and profits of every local media market we enter and at the same time deploy our core competencies towards culture preservation.
This is our mission and every thing we do reflects this only this and nothing else.




MN Farani (CEO)

In 2003, Mr. MN embarked on a journey to create a company that would become a household name in every industry. Mr. Farani is Creative Designer, Freelance Consultant, Web & Software Developer, Business Development Professional.
Graduated from the University of Punjab in Business Administration. Mr. Farani is also Mastering in Journalism & Mass Communication from AIOU Islamabad.

AH Athar (Director Zeal Network)


Javed Iqbal Javed
(Editor Khowar)

Waheed Khan
(Editor English)

Nisar Ahmad
(President Zeal Flims)


Dr. InayatUllah Faizi

Ali Akbar Qazi

Prof. Mumtaz Hussain

Shams Tajik


Sajjid Hussain

Wali Zaman Masroor

Wasi ud Din Aakash


Ahmad Hassan

Qari Fida


Shafiq Ahmad

Hameed Ullah

Ijaz Ahmad

Noor Wali Shah Anwar

Farid Ahmad Raza

Mohammad Sabir

Tahir Shadan

Hameed ur Rehman Haqi

Ehtisham ur Rehman

Fida ur Rehman

GK sareer

Saeedul Ibrar

Ehsan Shahabi

Noor Zaman

Zafar Ullah

Mashood Shahid

Bilal Ahmad

Shamsul Haq Nawazish

Abdullah Shahab

Iqrarud Din Khisraw

Dr. Riaz Hussain

Zahoor ul Haq Danish

Ejaz Ahmad

Muhammad Farooq

Ali Jabbar

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