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The opening of a family park in Lenik Denin in such a short span of time is an indication to us that any work done in dedication and commitment is easy to achieve within or before the time period. This is a good omen for other Government organizations to meet the pending tasks that are in the best interest of the community. There are several tasks unattended as far as urban parts of the district Chitral is concern which has to be taken as a first priority. Foremost of the pending tasks is the suspension bridge of Goludur connecting the people of aeronautical left side of the Chitral gole to the aeronautical right side and vice versa. The bridge is damaged from the last several years and being in the hearth of Chitral was a task need to be done at the earliest than late but why the delay, it is a question which would be in the minds of several people who were using that bridge including the women and children. It is also pivotal to question here that finishing works in some parts of newly constructed bypass road had also been started, but what about the solar lights that are to be installed in several points at the bypass and old bazaar of Chitral. It is the matter of dire concern that why such the delays occurs in the important projects like bypass putting several questions in the mind of general public. Hope the district administration will take keen interest in these and all other matters of public interest like they have taken in the task of completing Family Park at Lenik.

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